Sacraments at St. Mark’s


Parents who wish to have their children baptized are invited to contact the parish office to make an appointment.

Download a Baptism Enrolment form by clicking here.

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Confirmation and First Holy Communion

Please Click Here to download the Enrolment  Form for the Sacrament of First Holy Communion for children in Year 4 and above.

Please fill in ALL sections and return the completed form with a copy of your child’s Baptism Certificate and Confirmation Certificate to the Parish Office by Friday 9th July 2021.



If you would like to be married at St Mark’s, please make an appointment to see either Fr Boni, Fr Joseph or Fr Ho.

Please contact the parish office to set up a suitable date and time.

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Communion for the Sick

St Mark’s has a team of Communion Ministers who visit and bring communion to the sick in their homes.

Please contact the parish office for more details.


Our Mission Statement

“As a Catholic Christian Community living in an area of cultural diversity, we embrace the Word of God, celebrate the Eucharist and utilise the gifts of our community in caring for all.”