St.Mark’s Catholic Church Inala


Dear Parishioners

The government has given permission for church services to proceed with the following conditions:

  • Parishioners must Check In on arrival with the “Check In Qld” App on their phone – this is REQUIRED BY LAW. If you don’t have a smart phone you can sign in as a guest of someone who does.
  • Contact details are taken for everyone who attends – this is done in the pew when you sign in with your QR Reader for your seat number or use our paper registration system. This is so that we also have a record of where you were seated in the church.

Please cooperate with the ushers who will help you with this process and assist any parishioners who do not have a smart phone by sharing your phone.

Yours in the Divine Word

Fr Boni Buahendri SVD

Greetings from St. Mark’s Parish, Inala and a very warm welcome to St. Mark’s parish website. St. Mark’s mission statement proclaims, “As a catholic Christian community living in an area of cultural diversity, we embrace the word of God, celebrate the Eucharist and utilise the gifts of our community in caring for all.”

If you would like to know more details about any facet of parish life, please feel free to contact parish office. The  Parish team is always happy to welcome and help you. God bless!

Father Boni

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Billy Graham

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