RCIA 2020

RCIA 2020

Last Sunday, March 1st 2020, we attended the ceremony of the Rite of Election at the Cathedral presided over by Bishop Ken Howell together with all the candidates and catechumens from different parishes in the Brisbane diocese.

The ceremony started at 3 pm and finished around 4.15. It was the first time that any of us had attended the ceremony and we were all so grateful to have been a part of it.

There were 400 names of candidates and catechumens from Brisbane diocese to be baptised and welcome into the Catholic Church. Their names were called out during the ceremony. The cathedral was packed, but not all the catechumens were present on that day.

St. Marks’ RCIA group consisted of the 7 catechumens: Tony, William, Merina, Anny, Andrew, Isaac and Michael, with their Godparents and the RCIA team.

After the ceremony we had something to drink and enjoyed each other’s company in the grounds outside the cathedral. It was a beautiful event and we all enjoyed it.

God bless

Sr. Elisabeth and RCIA team (Ellen Simpson and Chien Chao)